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A Lichfield-based recruitment agency is looking to offer autistic adults a life-changing opportunity

Phil Evans Head and Shoulder shot - June 2013

By Phil Evans

By living with Asperger’s Syndrome and finding out at first-hand how difficult it can be to make an impression in life, Phil Evans has decided to set up Autistic Achievers as a way of helping others to achieve the  successes that he has achieved himself. By reaching autistic adults on Facebook and through Twitter on @AutismAchieve, he wants to help autistic adults into employment by setting up an innovative specialist recruitment agency in Great Britain.


As somebody with autism who has always struggled to make an impact on the world, I know how it feels to miss out on things in life that ‘normal’ people may take for granted.

Things should not be so tough, and there should be opportunities for everybody to thrive in any way possible that can give everybody a full sense of belonging.

Targeting employment, The National Autistic Society revealed in The Way We Are: Autism in 2012 that only 15% of all autistic adults in Great Britain are currently working. A further 79% are actively looking for work without having any success, with a further 59% feeling that they will never be successful.

By becoming employed myself as a Residence Assistant at Southampton Solent University and as a Retail Assistant at Iceland Foods, I’ve decided to try and make a difference.

Autistic Achievers, an online specialist recruitment agency, will work with small, medium and large employers in all industries throughout Great Britain from its launch on Monday 5th August 2013.

Funded by The Prince’s Trust and supported by Michael Fabricant MP, the agency will attempt to create tailored job vacancies for British adults with autism who are 18-years-old or over.

Taking employment qualities such as persistence in working on a task until it is completed to the highest standard, the possession of a sense of justice and integrity which helps people with autism to always be truthful and a reliable and honest nature into account, autism will be positively showcased.

Should an employer be interested in advertising with Autistic Achievers, standalone vacancies can be advertised on the website with £75 being charged for a work experience placement, £60 being charged for a part-time paid vacancy and £45 being charged for a full-time vacancy.

Two packages will also be available with Package One offering five placement vacancies, 10 part-time vacancies and 10 full-time vacancies for £1,000, and Package Two offering the part-time and full-time vacancies that are included in the higher priced package for £750.

Autistic jobseekers will pay nothing but simply fill out a short questionnaire on how autism affects them, how it could affect the job roles that they would like to work in and finally, talk about the jobs and industries that they would feel comfortable in.

Options to upload a C.V. and a covering letter will be available, with these being sent to employers when jobseekers apply for vacancies on the website along with the aforementioned questionnaire.

Free support on dealing with autism in the workplace will also be offered to everybody that is linked with the agency through e-mail, telephone contact and social networking on Facebook and Twitter, will only help in spreading a positive message.

Getting autistic people into employment and making sure that they enjoy the experience of earning a living is what Autistic Achievers is all about.

The Autistic Achievers logoPlease visit or follow @AutismAchieve on Twitter to find out more information.





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