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A Very Special Girl – A poem by Marisa Piedade

‘A Very Special Girl’
by Marisa Piedade

Once upon a time
In a land faraway
There was a little girl
Very special, I must say
She wasn’t like the others
And had a spark in her eyes
She didn’t had many friends
And never told any lies
She was always alone
Hiding in her special place
Living in a completely different world
Like if she was from Outer Space
She was a very clever girl
She could do anything
But she would not play
She was always just watching
I thought she was very strange
She never looked me in the eye
She would not hold my hand
I never knew why
One day I went home
And asked my mummy
Why she wouldn’t play?
Did she not like me?
That day I learn a lesson
That we are not all the same
My friend had something called Autism
That was why she didn’t play my game
The world scared her so much
Because she saw it with in a different light
Everything was so much noisier
The days were so much bright
I wanted to be her friend
So I tried once again
I sat next to her at school
I took some paper and a pen
I draw a big pink heart
And a girl next to it
I gave her the pen and paper
And I waited a little bit
She held it in her hand
With a big beautiful smile
She took the pen
And was drawing for a while
She draw a little girl
And wrote something in the end
I was amazed when I read it
It said in big letters FRIEND
With this story, my friends
I just want to say
That everyone is special
In their own way
Despite all our distinctions
I hope that you learn in the end
That no matter how different
Everyone can be a friend


My name is Marisa Piedade. I am Portuguese  but I am living in England. I am a Primary Teacher/SEN Teacher and my calling always was to help children with autism. I feel that there is still a need for awareness, especially in mainstream primary schools, about children with autism.  Most children cannot understand them and they are left alone, not only inside the classrooms but in the playground.