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Workshop 24th August 105


About Jessica Peers
Jessica was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at 12 years old, and was then educated at a residential school for young people with autism, which she wrote about in her book Asparagus Dreams. She is currently a voluntary researcher at the Autism Research Unit (University of Sunderland).
Expelled from mainstream education and vaguely aware she has something called ‘Asparagus’ Syndrome, 12-year-old Jessica is sent away to a residential school for young people with autism. Here, at first miserable and misunderstood, she spends the next five years trying to cope with the strict school system – fighting against misguided teacher interventions, dealing with the onset of adolescence and fitting in with the other pupils. Recalling her school years with humour and insight, Jessica takes the reader right inside what it feels like to have AS. Her account will open the eyes of readers to the difficulties, and the rewards, of this condition.


Tom Bowes workshop

15TH DEC 2015


My name is Tom Bowes, but on the internet I am also known as Autistic Genius. I have a Facebook with 6-7,000 likes. On this page we share success stories, ask advice and I share my videos about Autism from my YouTube Channel.

From doing the page’s success and during its mini-viral stage I was asked to be a Charity Ambassador for Autism Puzzles, these guys support up to 500 families in Wales who are affected by Autism. Also with a lot of help I’m raising as much money as possible by doing events and selling T-Shirts.

I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 16, I left school with not the best grades, but my true success came from college where I received incredible support from Worcestershire County Council. There I studied Media where I leant all about filming, editing and writing films/video for cinema and television.

While I was a student I spoke at training days after creating my first video called Another Wavelength. Featured in that film was a talk I gave at Child’s Voice Conference at the Worcester Rugby Club.
I am currently working part-time in a before and after school club and on Saturdays I teach Drama and Musical Theatre.

Now my main hobby is performing and I’ve been very lucky to have had the incredible opportunities that I’ve had. My biggest highlights of this was performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in The Little Shop of Horrors.

Currently I am giving up most of my spare time to my Facebook page, videos and Netflix. My main passion is speaking about Autism as simplistically and as entertaining as possible because I think people should want to learn about Autism as it’s so complex. I think we should embrace Autism and learn about in a fun way.