‘My Strength’ – A poem by Marisa Piedade


‘My Strength’
by Marisa Piedade

I look at you, mom
I know you want a hug so much
Although I love you a lot
Sometimes I can’t handle your touch
I know you need to cry
And I want to wipe your tears
But my hands won’t move
I can’t overcome my fears
Some people don’t understand
How difficult it is for you
I really want to behave
But I just can’t get through
Sometimes I need to scream
When we are waiting for the bus
I can hear them whispering
I see them staring at us
You are calm and strong
Although suffering inside
No matter what I do
You are always by my side
We have a special connection
That no one can understand
You guide me through the world
Even when I can’t hold your hand
You are my strength and protection
No one knows me like you
Although I am hiding in my shell
You know that I love you too


marisaMy name is Marisa Piedade. I am Portuguese  but I am living in England. I am a Primary Teacher/SEN Teacher and my calling always was to help children with autism. I feel that there is still a need for awareness, especially in mainstream primary schools, about children with autism.  Most children cannot understand them and they are left alone, not only inside the classrooms but in the playground.

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