Virtual Brick Campaign “Buy A Brick 4 Autism”

Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society operates as a charity working at grass roots level. It costs on average £5000 a year to run the charity which we provide a telephone helpline, sign-posting, workshops and Autism Awareness raising campaigns. As a small charity, we have bills to pay out such as volunteer expenses, office rent, telephone, stationery and broadband. We do not get any statutory funding and just rely on donations to keep our charity in operation. Please support our new campaign by purchasing a virtual brick. This can be a donation from £1 to £1000, whichever you can afford. We were the first Autism User –lead Charity in the UK. To be recognised by Her Majesty for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Service by groups in the community 2012.For more information about our charity please visit

Buy your Virtual Brick Now and support our campaign each week we will display brick that have been brought/ and we will show bricks that have dedications. -thankyou


6 People have purchased a brick for autism!


Shaun Healey

Kayden Quinn

Karina Eliane



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